Pardot Marketing Automation

Cellerynt Group offers Pardot services to accelerate and streamline your digital marketing programs. Guide

If you’re looking to tightly align your marketing automation with the Salesforce CRM and SalesCloud, Pardot provides the tools you’ll need.

  • Email Marketing
  • Form Workflow Automation
  • Landing pages
  • Analytics

Want to send emails tailored for specific client personas? Using criteria in Salesforce, we’ll help develop emails that are personalized for each contact’s areas of interest using the Handlebars Merge Language.

Need help in developing Pardot landing pages that can be easily edited by your non-technical staff? We’ll develop pages that ‘lock down’ your branded elements but allow your team to edit select text and graphic regions.

Additionally, Cellerynt offers a full suite of services to accelerate your marketing of life science products or services.

New to Marketing Automation? Download our handy guide to Marketing Automation Terminology.

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